Meet The People Who Make it All Possible

Major Donors ($5,000+)

Michael Caldwell
Susan and Mitchell Cohen
Marin County Board of Supervisors
Rebecca & Jason Ford
Carmen Castro Franceschi
Dennis & Susan Gilardi
Kickball Showdown Heroes
Willy & Susie Lukach

Tony Nethercutt
Tony & Carolyn Porter
Michael & Erin Shippey
Daniel & Susan Ohlson
Scott Starbird
Jonathan Turner

Foundations & Family Funds ($5,000+)

Arenberg-Swisher Fund
Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
Cohen Family Fund
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
Dolejsi Russell Inspirational Charitable Fund
Fullerton Family Foundation
Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund
Gladish Interests
Good Neighbors Family Trust
Griffith Family Foundation
Haslett Family Foundation
Janny/Montgomery Family Fund
Judith Avery Family Fund
Laura and Walter Elcock Family Foundation
Litchfield Foundation
Marin Academy Youth Advisory Board
Marin Charitable

NBC Universal/Comcast Foundation
Nakahata-Fong Fund
Nancy H. and James Kelso Fund
Nethercutt Family Fund
The Peter W. Doerken Foundation
Phillip D. Black & Brigitte L. Sandquist Foundation
Rosenbluth Family Foundation
Samantha So Family Fund
S.H. Cowell Foundation
Satterberg Foundation
Tarbell Family Fund
The Callison Foundation
The Kimball Foundation
The Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
The Peter W. Doerken Foundation
Stuart Foundation
Viet Phan Pho Fund

A Big Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors!

Corporate Donors - $5000+

Deloitte Services, LP

Corporate Donors - $1,000 to $4,999

Bank of Marin
Seagate Properties
WestAmerica Bank
Pacific Western Bank

Thompson Dorfan
Hamilton Zanze
Reed McClintock
First Federal Savings
Marin Association of Realtors
Pacific Private Money

Corporate Donors - $1 to $999

HUB International
Progressive Property Group
Capital Insurance Group
Gladish Interests
Raymond Kaliski

Meislin Investments
SVN Delta Group/Lynsey Kayser
Capital Bridge Partners
Golden Gate Sotheby's

Individual Donors - $1,000 to $4,999

Andy & Amy Arenberg
Travis Becker
Jeremy Bentley
Doug Carlston & Kathy Williams
Janet Chiu
Elizabeth Do
Whit & Teri Gaither
Scott & Jessica Gerber
Zuleika & Jose Godinez *
Peter & Mo Goldstein
Steven Gotanda
Bruce Gribens
Nicole Haslett
Laura Hislop
Robert Hohman
Chou Chou Hoytt*

Reed Kamler
Lucinda Lee Katz
Michael Kramer
Scott Kuehne & Carrie O'Malley
Stuart Lum
Norm Lyons
Kara Mooney
Tim Morris
Andrew Nakahata & Allison Fong
Laura Nethercutt
Kim Pipkin
Hilah Schutt
Fred & Kathleen Taylor
Kenji Treanor
Jeanne Ware
Nancy Warfield

Individual Donors - $1 to $999

Ruby Aguire
Abe Alvarado
Sezen Bekce
Nelson Branco
Lourdes Cabigon
Jacqueline Castro
Phillippe Cayanni
Jean Bee Chan
Lindsay Chan *
Sherene Chen
Christine Chew
Nicholas Ching, D.D.S.
Janet Conley
Karen Converse & Jason Mattheis
Maria Chacon De Cortez
Nadia De León
Mark Devereaux
Elizabeth Dunlap
Julie Duryea
Johny Ek Aban *
Pat Else
Jeff Escabar
Toni Esposti
Sam Fernandez
Donald Fischer
Juan Florencio
Nina Frank
Lilly Fu
Guadalupe Fuentes
Alexander Gladish
Ann Goldman
Cecilia Gonzalez
Romelia Gonzalez
Abdulia Gramajo

Maria Gramajo
Sallie Griffith
Edward & Bonita Helmer
Jim & Bethany Hornthal
Nan Jackson
Raymond W. Kaliski
Melinda Kanter-Levy
Lynsey Kayser
Andria Knapp
Nathaniel Kochhar
Ian Lamb
Dina Lawrence
Sarah Lee *
Barbara Leighton
Laura Llerena
Colette Lohr
Anabel &.Jason Lopez
Wendy Lu
Paul & Joanie Lucq
Cat Lum
Valentina Luna
Sandra Luna
Matt MacPhee
Youssef Maguid *
Betsy & Chris Martin
Jason Mattheis & Karen Converse
Antoni Mavrantonis
Maria Elena McCarthy
Kevin McDonough
Michele McMahon
Donna Miller
Brian Monohan
Ramona Morel
Susan Morrow

Sara & Ella Moseley
Sharon Murphy
Gracelyn Newhouse
Rose & Dale Newhouse
Joe & Vicky O'Hehir
John Palmer
Joanna and John Paun
Michael Piro
Andrew Pontious
Anuar Ramirez-Medina
Viridiana Razo
Maria Reyes
Araceli Rodas
Rajwinder Samra
Rigoberto & Amelia Sanchez
Matt Sartain
Kyle Sayers *
Ann Schweichler
Ellen Seh
Jesse Silver
Robert Spivack
Radha Stern
Mya Sullivan
Shirley Trimble
Isaac Urbano Martinez
Nancy Valente
Victor Valiente
Jose Vigil-Grijalva
Clint & Carla Wilkins
Johnny Xu *
David Yancey
Morgan Yee *
Sue Yee


We are grateful to have loyal volunteers on our team, providing outstanding services for our staff, our students, and our families throughout the year.

Academic Support

This group of academic angels show up weekly throughout the school year, providing our students with the support they need to excel in their respective studies.

Veteran Tutors

Jeremy Durfee, Algebra Tutor
Ned Pinger, 8th Grade Reading Group Leader


Jovani Azpeitia, Statistics Tutor
Lauren Cervenak, Academic Tutor
Michelle Chang, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Julie Duryea, College Support Facilitator
Pat Else, English and College Essay Tutor
Johny Ek, Economics Tutor *
Reina Garay, Calculus and Statistics Tutor *
Nicole Haslet, English and College Essay Tutor
Mike Kramer, Math and Pre-Calculus Tutor

Kim Pipkin, College Support Facilitator
Isabelle Pisano, College Support Facilitator
Julie Poulet, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Ahmed Shahrour, Academic Tutor
Justice Shin, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Penny Susko, Academic Tutor
Alexandru Turcanu, Math and Computer Science Tutor
Jiazh Zhan, Math Tutor

Marketing & Communications

Robert Gagnon, Atelier Gagnon, (Designer)

Since 2020, Robert continues to share his graphic design and marketing expertise with NGS. His talent can be seen across all of our communications. Recognizing Robert for this generosity would not be complete without also mentioning his personal assistant, his 14 year old corgi, Ziggy.

Facility and Garden

Marisa Weinstock (Gardener)

Marisa can be found at NGS’s vegetable garden on most Saturdays, working with our students or harvesting the latest crop of vegetables, which are provided to families and prepared for students in our NGS kitchen through our daily hot meal program.

College Interns

Through our longstanding partnership with Dominican University, we are joined by a group of dedicated college students who assist the work we do, providing support to staff, students and families in the areas of academic tutoring, social services, social media and marketing support. This mutually beneficial partnership provides local college students with invaluable experience while helping us support our scholars.

Please join us in welcoming our team of fall 2021 interns:


Ahmed S.
Alexandru T.
Hannah W.
Isabelle P.
Jolie P.
Justice S.
Lauren C.
Michelle C
Misha S.


Computer Science
Computer Science
Occupational Therapy
English & Psychology

Role at NGS

STEM Tutor
STEM Tutor
Food Service & Wellness Group Support
College Support
6th Grade Teaching Assistant
7th Grade Teaching Assistant
STEM, English & History Tutor
8th Grade Teaching Assistant & Social Media Coordinator
Food Service & Wellness Group Support

* NGS Alumni