Next Generation Scholars is dedicated to helping first generation, under-resourced young people in Marin achieve their educational goals and take command of their own futures. 100% of our Scholars get accepted to 4 year colleges and 95% of them graduate within 5 years, versus the national average of 60 percent.

Colleges Attended by Academy Scholars

* Number of Scholars: 2012-2021

College graduates earn 67% more than those with a high school degree and those with a Master’s degree earn 98% than those with just a high school diploma (US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020). In addition, the unemployment rate for those with a higher education degree is roughly half that of those who did not go beyond high school.

Our Scholars attend a variety of higher education institutions within California and across the country. We fully support them through the college exploration, application and financial aid negotiations process so that each Scholar ends up at the most appropriate school for their personal situation. Recognizing the unique skills, aspirations and family values of each of our Scholars, these first generation students have matriculated at a range of public and private universities.

The cost of attending college is a critical issue for every family and we work with Scholars and their families to help them receive a financial aid package that meets 100% of their demonstrated need. We engage with Scholars during each of their college years to ensure they receive the financial support needed annually to complete their undergraduate degrees.