What are Scholars’ commitment to the program?

Students are expected to attend two weekly classes during the school year, one on Sunday and one during the week. We also ask that students struggling in a particular class develop an academic support plan with us, which often includes one additional day of tutoring. During the summer, we expect our students to either enroll in our 5-week Summer Academy or a similarly rigorous academic summer program.

Does Next Generation Scholars only accept students with good grades?

No. While we consider a student's grades, we do not expect incoming students to have straight A's - or even mostly A's. While some admitted students may have close to an A average, others are in the B range, and still others have a mix of C's and B's. We look for students who sincerely want to join our program and are committed to putting in the time and effort required of a Next Generation Scholars student. Students who do the best in our program are curious and believe that what they learn at Next Generation Scholars can help them chart a course to college and, eventually, to a career that will propel their family forward.

What is the parent/guardian commitment to Next Generation Scholars?

We ask that parents or guardians attend at least one Parent College meeting per quarter. These meetings address important topics and include announcements that are relevant to our families. Parent College meetings include a hot meal and child care, and take place during Sunday evenings to accommodate the schedules of working hours. We do understand, however, that work schedules vary and that not all parents/guardians will be able to attend; we find ways to work with families’ schedules.

How many students do Next Generation Scholars enroll per grade?

Our classes average 12 students per grade.

Are Next Generation Scholars classes just homework help?

No! Our teachers work to develop academically rigorous classes that prepare students for what they will see later that semester or in future grades. We teach through the lens of ethnic studies, social justice, and leadership and work to ensure our students develop their own unique voices. By high school, our Scholars are prepared for the rigorous Honors and AP level coursework they need to access the nation's most selective colleges.

Is there a cost to your programs?

95% of our students qualify as low income and therefore attend our programs for free. Low income status is determined when a student provides proof of qualifying for free or reduced priced lunch at school, proof of participation in the Healthy Families program, or lives in subsidized housing. Students not enrolled in any of these programs may provide copies of their guardian’s tax returns and apply for financial aid for our programs.

How can I recommend a student for Next Generation Scholars?

Your recommendations can be very powerful. If you have a student you wish to recommend, please contact our office to get the latest information on our classes and to have an application sent to you.

For more information, please contact us:

(415) 259-0900